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A ha! Finally got it finished!

Title: Hypnotised
Summary: Dougie gets an extra Christmas present this year (Porn, basically)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Dougie/Harry/Tom [McFly]
Disclaimer: I do not own any member, name or associate of McFly. This piece is an entire work of fiction i.e. this never has, is, or will happen. No profit is being made from this, it was written for non-commercial purposes only. No copyright infringement intended.

Dougie slowly woke up, keeping his eyes closed but letting the rest of his senses awaken. He wiggled slightly in his semi-conscious state and groaned softly as he arched his back off the bed. He let a grin briefly flash as he remembered the date – 25th December. He finally opened his eyes, expecting to be greeted by the brightness of the morning light flooding his room, but instead he was surrounded by darkness.

He paused for a moment, confused, then began to frantically look from side to side as if it would help. The movement caused the material wound around across his eyes to shift slightly, alerting him to its presence. He stopped again, this time attempting to bring his arms down from above his head in order to remove the blindfold. However, he soon discovered his wrists had been bound to the bedposts, the rope itching against the bare skin.

Needless to say, he was scared. Being tied to his bed was hardly at the top of his list of things to do on Christmas Day, and he hated not being able to see what was happening. He opened his mouth to start screaming for help, but the sound was cut off into a surprised ‘oh’ as he felt a pair of lips press gently down on his chest.

Now he was back to confused. The lips continued on to lay soft kisses across his torso, occasionally stopping to lick or blow on a particularly tempting piece of skin. Dougie neither hated nor adored the experience for first, he was more… curious as to what was happening. His urge to call for help had been long forgotten, roughly the same time that the intruder had added their hands into the loving assault on the bassist’s body.

They skimmed their fingertips across his top half, brushing against him with the lightest possible touch and constantly causing unexpected waves of pleasure to course like electricity through his body. He squirmed, not used to this kind of pleasure that could turn into pain in half a moment. The stranger must have been enjoying watching this subtle torture as they continued, hands working along his thighs, lips moving dangerously close to… they moved away. As in, completely off so Dougie’s skin was devoid of that touch.

He gritted his teeth and bit back the moan of frustration. He heard a laugh, and blushed furiously when he realised he was the focus of the amusement. He struggled against the bonds, annoyed at the way he was being used, but he stopped sharply when he heard someone laugh again, a different voice to the one before. Two people in the room, seeing him like this, desperately craving that touch. He blushed an even deeper crimson.

His embarrassment was rewarded with that touch returning. This time however, there was two sets of hands, two sets of lips and two times the amount of pleasure created. Dougie couldn’t stand it any longer. He let out a deep, lustful moan and seconds later a mouth was upon his, a tongue lapping skilfully against his swollen lips and the occasional jump of warm metal.

He parted his lips and kissed back, lust heavily lidding his eyes so the blindfold became almost pointless. One pair of hands wrapped themselves in the material of his boxers. They played for a moment, more teasing, before pulling them off and disposing of them in some way Dougie really didn’t care about. He waited for a split second, then growled low in his throat as he felt a rush of hot air surround his cock.

His length was then engulfed by the second seducers mouth. They ran their tongue up and down the underside before swirling it completely around his cock, the constant heat and wetness being the main reason for the bucking of his hips, nearly choking the unexpecting giver. He found his hips being pushed down onto the bed harshly, stopping him from moving anymore. The mouth covering his own moved away, starting to travel down his neck, being a little rougher with the teeth this time.

The rope was still itching against his wrists. He tugged at them, trying to relieve the irritation. The mouth that was sucking on his collarbone left his skin and hovered by his ear instead, whispering ‘If you promise to stop twitching like that I’ll take off your blindfold’. Dougie nodded quickly.

Nothing happened for an instant then he felt hands wrap around his head and the material being loosened, then pulled away entirely. He blinked a few times to adjust to the sudden brightness, then his eyes widened as he realised it was Harry straddling him, kissing his mind into meltdown. He didn’t have time for any other reaction to surface as Harry leaned over him once more and attached their lips together.

He had almost forgotten about the second person on him. It was only when they scraped their nails down the inside of his thighs and lightly grazed his cock with their teeth that he let out a gasp from the pain and pulled away from Harry, desperate to see who was down there. Harry, however, preferred being the centre of attention and so held him down, only allowing him the briefest glimpse of a mop of blond hair.

Harry’s insistent nibbling of his bottom lip certainly kept his mind occupied, barely giving him the time to register that Tom was sucking him off. And doing a damn good job of it too. He felt the pressure begin to build up in his lungs, the intensity making it harder to breathe and sending swirling colours dancing across his vision.

It only took one more long, hard suck to push him moaning over the edge. His hips bucked again and the tip of his cock hit the back of Tom’s throat, the sticky white liquid coating his mouth and dribbling over his lips. He lapped it up, swallowed it all and started to pump the base of Dougie’s cock as he road out his orgasm. He moaned, a deep lustful vibration from the back of his throat that travelled through Harry and went straight to his cock.

He had been ignoring his own needs until now. The plan had been to seduce Dougie, let him orgasm then do whatever the hell they wanted. Now, he was going to take full advantage of that. Dragging his hand away from fondling Dougie’s nipple, he reached down under his boxers to grasp his own cock and began to stroke it, taking a few seconds for it to become fully hard.

Harry crawled forward a few paces, closer to Dougie’s head. He slipped a hand through Dougie’s hair and then pulled his head upwards, shoving his mouth over his cock. He pulled and pushed until Dougie got the idea, which didn’t take long, and started to suck. He circled his tongue, attempting to copy whatever magic Tom had been working on him, and gathered he wasn’t doing too bad when Harry let out a moan and grasped his shoulders dominantly.

Tom wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, and looked up to see Harry doing god knows what to Dougie. He smiled and rolled his eyes, getting up and walking to the top of the bed, then climbing back on, straddling Dougie and stroking a hand lovingly across Harry’s back. He began to lay gentle kisses on his shoulder, then reached round, clasped Harry’s jaw and turned his head around to face him. He lent forward slightly and kissed him passionately, the feelings of mutual love sending liquid fire into their veins.

Dougie continued sucking, oblivious to what was happening above him. The two older men wrapped their arms around each other, lost in their world that they usually visited only in the secluded comfort of Tom’s bed. Harry breathed huskily, so very close but the desire to prolong the moment took over. He denied himself the pleasure of an orgasm, instead winding his hands in both Tom’s and Dougie’s hair and dragging nails across their skin, marking them his own.

It was only when Tom licked two fingers and slid them into his hole that he came, screaming a mix of two people’s names. Again Dougie tried to copy to Tom, licking it all up and actually savouring the taste, the satisfaction. Harry leaned back against Tom and closed his eyes, smiling.

The blond looked over both of them. He glanced at Dougie’s wrists, and noticed the slight redness forming from his struggles against the tight bonds. Considering there was little chance he was going to run away now, Tom reached over and began to undo the rope, gently pulling Dougie’s hands away and softly running his fingertips over the irritated skin.

Harry instinctively moved out the way as Tom began to close in on Dougie, hands travelling southward to spread apart Dougie’s legs. He wasted no time, the desperate urge to be inside of him had taken over in such a way that the rest of the world appeared to have melted, and yet Tom didn’t care.

Harry passed him the lubricant they had brought in earlier (‘Just in case’) and Tom quickly coated himself. He moved so fast, in fact, that Dougie gasped in surprise when he suddenly found Tom’s erection pressing up against his hole. The blond searched Dougie’s face for affirmation, and when he received the weak nod for the younger boy he began to slide in, painfully slow.

It hurt Dougie, yet Tom didn’t stop. Knowing what first times (and the next several times, too) were like, he wanted to be gentle yet persistent. It got better, after all. Dougie squirmed and attempted to move away, no matter how pointless the struggle was, only to be held back by Harry and his soothing touch.

Tom tried to stop once he was fully inside, but all previous experiences screamed for him to just pull back and ram into him. He listened, and followed, then gulped back the lump that formed in his throat when Dougie let out a inhuman scream.

‘Fuck,’ he muttered, as he leaned over and kissed the tears away from Dougie’s cheeks, whispering those cliché words of how it would get better soon. Words like that are cliché because they are true, and Tom was determined to prove them.

He repositioned himself, and drew back again. This time he was gentle, loving, entirely focused on the pleasure not the passion. The bassist’s eyes closed and he bit his lip, obviously still uncomfortable. Harry kissed him delicately, still intent of making him enjoy it.

Tom picked up pace a little. His breathing was becoming shallower, his skin glistening with sweat. Beneath him, Dougie began to feel the benefits of it, those pesky colours clouding his vision once again. All it took was a few strokes from Harry and he came again, writhing and moaning, hips bucking up to meet Tom. The blonde continued for a few more moments, then he groaned, thick and husky, and filled Dougie with his spunk.

They collapsed, breathing heavily.

Danny popped his head around the door, and began ‘Hey, I wanna open the pre-‘, but stopped when he saw the three lying on the bed, naked, sticky, and with the sheets that had once been carefully tucked in now kicked into a messy heap on the floor. He covered his open mouth with his hand, too shocked to move. The three turned to look at him, unable to keep the gleeful looks from their faces.

‘Morning Danny!’ Harry exclaimed, somewhat breathlessly.

‘Something wrong?’

Danny shook his head, and backed quickly out of the room. Tom started to giggle, Dougie blushed ever so slightly and Harry just laid back down, smiling.

‘Merry Christmas, Dougie’, the older two whispered after a long silence, smirking at each other.

‘Where did you learn to do all that?’

‘Oh, we’ve been practising for a while’ Tom replied. More smirks.

Harry continued ‘Yeah, and we thought we would try it on someone else’

Dougie’s eyes flicked between both of them, then realisation spread across his face. ‘Wait, so you two have…?’ he trailed off, the only answer he got was two wide grins then a flurry of yet more kisses.

The End
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Am liking..actually scratch that, am loving this SO much. Nearly as much as I love you!


Happy New Year

Haha, thanks hun! Love ya too

*kisses + a happy new year*